Blocker addon for Blender 2.8x

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What is the Blocker addon for Blender 2.8x?

Blocker is a simple to use addon for quick blocking out a shape and stylise.  There are loads of tools out there, but I was looking for a way to design a shape very quickly.  It's like placing blocks (cubes) first, joing them and then modify it.  

Older features that are still supported:

As you see there are three stages; Blocking, Styles, and Mods.  

Add cube primitive

First you add a Cube Primitive

-X, +X, -Y, +Y, -Z and +Z
Let's you duplicate the block and then translate exact 2 units. After a few blocks, you can now select multiple blocks and duplicate them, which will speed up the process. 


Select the cubes (blocks) and press Join. Quite some things will happen on the background to make the mesh suitable for all kinds of other operations. For example removing doubles, delete interior faces, etc.

Origin to 3D cursor

Places the origin of the object to the 3D cursor.  Usually I start with the 3D cursor in World origin. Before you press this button, you can decide if you want to move the object. I use Ctrl (because I alsways have snapping to grid on, absolute grid snapping). It's always handy to have the origin at the right place before other operations like taper. 


Don't use two style after eachother. You might end up with a high density mesh, or high poly. Each style has several modifiers.  It's good to play with the modifier stack, especially the Shape Generator. 


Adds a simple bevel modifier and then a subsurf. 


A subsurf modifier with 3 levels.


Transforms your mesh into a truss

Shape gen

Play with the modifier stack and you see all kinds of variations of your mesh.  Adjust the factor of the cast modifier and the scale of the Remesh modifier. 

Low Poly

Makes a low poly style of your mesh


Mods are safe to combine, which was not the case with styling. 

Mirror modifier

Adds a mirror modifier to make mesh symmetrical.  Switch axis on/off in the modifier stack


Taper modifier is already on Z-axis, so that saves some time.  You only need to adjust the factor. 

Latest addition - 51 modifiers (Geometry nodes)

These are 51 new modifiers created with geometry nodes. You can click on a thumbnail, and your mesh will be deformed. In the thumbnails you see one and the same object, so you have an impression what the modifier does.

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Blocker addon for Blender 2.8x


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Blocker addon for Blender 2.8x

2 ratings
I want this!